About Us

AIT is a training Institute that took the Origin understanding the current requirements in the IT World.

The Objective of the Organization is to provide high quality training to all the students to make them strong in the IT sector ,along with the IT Skills, AIT will ensure to deliver qualified manpower to the society irrespective of their background. The Aim of AIT is to “Make every student the best in their area of Expertise”.

With a promise of delivering 100% Job supporting courses,AIT is set to take a big step to establish a base in the field of IT EDUCATION. The Concept of AIT is to make every single individual develop qualities such as persuasiveness, convincing capability,conversational, proactive and excellent in public relationship and finally an expert in the computational experience.

The fundamental idea behind AIT is to see that all the students will have an easy access to the Institute to spend more time with the Academics and be prepared to face the world with the latest technological requirements. Every Corporates look for professionals who are easily adapting to the challenges in the field of IT. The IT world is ever growing and the changes in the sector is inevitable. For adapting to the changes in the IT Scenario, AIT will make sure that all the students passed out from the Institute are ready to accept any challenge and reach the top position. AIT with its strong team of Trainers and experienced Management, knows the requirements in the field of IT EDUCATION. The courses are exclusively designed for accounting . All the courses are designed with a survey done in the IT Sector. With a dedicated team of Trainers, AIT is set to break all the records in terms of placing its students in the best corporate offices.